All you need to know about schoolies festival 2015 november 20-22 victor harbor sa

What is Schoolies Festival?


School leavers have been heading to the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia after their final exams to celebrate the end of their high school education for decades. In 1999 Encounter Youth became involved to encourage school leavers to party safely and began coordinating a response that also minimised the impact on the Victor Harbor community. What used to be a chaotic mass gathering has been transformed into a structured and organised celebration known today as Schoolies Festival and it gets bigger and better each year!

When is Schoolies Festival?

This years festival kicks off on Friday 20 November and keeps kicking on until late in the night of Sunday 22 November, 2015. Make sure you get your presale Festival tickets, ON SALE SOON!

Where is Schoolies Festival?

Schoolies Festival is in Victor Harbor, a seaside holiday town 70km from Adelaide. The festival is held on Warland Reserve right in the centre of town. The main streets, shops and the beach are a minutes walk away. During the day you may want to check out the beaches for a surf, enjoy some local shopping or even see a movie at the old-school cinema.

Follow this link for more info about Victor Harbor:

How do I get there?

Check out the PLAN AHEAD page for info on how to get to Schoolies Festival 2015. If you buy a festival ticket you can ride the Free MAC Schoolies Bus from Adelaide to Victor and return! Bus bookings open soon!

What's going on at Schoolies FestIval?

Schoolies Festival hours are 7pm-3am and we have all your entertainment sorted! 

Come and dance at the Encounter Youth Club Tent, our biggest festival venue where some of Australia’s hottest DJ’s play all your fav tunes. Schoolies Festival resident MC’s will keep the party rocking and look out for the free giveaways too.

If you prefer to dance under the stars then The Music Bowl is the place to be and and you'll also see 'Battle of the Schoolies DJs' make guest performances during the night too.

The Flinders Uni Beach Hut is for those who definitely prefer a funky and intimate dance venue.

Visit The Lounge to chill with your mates, relax in the super comfy couches and play games like air hockey and foosball every night.

Be prepared to go all out at the themed dance parties. Themes will be announced a bit later in the year so keep your eye on this space…

Of course there will be food! Food, drink and free water stalls posted throughout the festival site. This is just a taste of what will be happening at Schoolies Festival 2015.

How Do I get to the Festival site?

When you purchase your ticket to Schoolies Festival 2015 you'll get FREE unlimited rides on the ‘Free MAC Schoolies Bus’. You can catch the bus throughout the day and to and from the festival at night. Destinations include Victor Harbor, Encounter Bay, Port Elliot, Goolwa and Middleton. Check out the travel page for details info. 

Who are the Green Team?


Annually, Encounter Youth gathers a team of over 600 volunteers, affectionately known as the ‘Green Team’ as you can spot them in their green t-shirt or hoodie. During Schoolies you will see volunteers picking up rubbish, selling tickets or giving out free food and that’s just a start! These guys and girls are gathered from Christian churches across South Australia and pay to volunteer at the Festival. They are all trained specifically for Schoolies Festival and have many other qualifications (youth workers, counsellors, school chaplains, nurses, first aid and more). Look out for Encounter Youth Volunteers in green, they are your info and support source during your Schoolies experience.

What about safety?


We want you to have an awesome time and that involves staying safe. How do we do this?

With 3 nights of fully supervised entertainment, in an alcohol and drug free event exclusive to Encounter Youth Inc. The Encounter Youth Green Team of over 600 volunteers is always available to help out and there are security guards at each Schoolies Venue. Emergency services and first aid services are onsite and prepared to help should they need to. Victor Harbor itself is a 24hr dry zone during the Schoolies Festival weekend and there will be extra police to make sure you all have an awesome Schoolies Festival.

What do I wear?

Each night of Schoolies Festival we will have a party costume theme....keep checking this page as more details are coming for Schoolies Festival 2015.

What do I bring?

While it is nearly summer it can still become icy cold at night so bring plenty of warm gear. If you’re camping, don’t forget your sleeping bag, a torch and plenty of warm and waterproof clothing. Victor Harbor has some amazing beaches so be sure to bring sun cream, a hat and swimmers.

Dollars- Bring enough cash for 3 days including accommodation/Festival ticket/food/transport/incidentals like snacks or sun cream. Get your Festival tickets prepaid and save! (on sale soon) All up, this can be a lot of cash so start saving now!

ID- Don’t forget to bring your student ID or drivers licence to the Schoolies Festival ticket booth to get your wristband. Remember Schoolies Festival is a party for guys and girls who finished school in 2015.

Food- Be prepared and organise food with ya mates. There will be yummy snacks available in the Lounge room for a small price. Plus, you are only a minute walk to Victor town centre for other food options.

What should I leave at home?


Alcohol- by law Victor Harbor becomes a temporary 24hr Dry Zone during schoolies weekend, so if you get caught drinking you’ll get a nasty fine and have to tip out your drinks! You’re only a schoolie once so do yourself a favour and leave the alcohol behind.

Glass-  this includes all types of glass and not just alcohol bottles. Broken glass can seriously hurt people and wildlife during and after the Festival.

Car- all ticket holders can ride the FREE MAC Schoolies Bus from Adelaide down to Schoolies incl. Victor Harbor, Port Elliot, Middleton and Goolwa.

Graffiti- some people think it’s fun to ‘paint the town red’ and graffiti private or public property during the festival. This not only gives us a bad name – it is ILLEGAL. While graffiti is a cool art form not everybody appreciates your ‘artworks’ on their stuff, so leave the cans at home.

Total fire ban- this means no BBQ’s, gas bottles, fireworks, campfires etc. Basically anything that can start fires is a no no.

Knives or weapons- The Festival is a party so don’t bring anything that could be considered by police or other schoolies to be dangerous.

Valuables- if you must bring valuables to Schoolies then keep them safe at all times.

You and the Law- If it’s illegal offsite then it’s illegal at Schoolies Festival. It is not ok to buy alcohol for your friends who are under the age of 18, drink if you are under 18 or use illegal drugs. This really isn’t the time or place to experiment with alcohol or illegal drugs  But if you do, be familiar with the information and health services at the Festival and always stay in close contact with friends. There is plenty of help available so don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Antisocial behaviour is not cool- Schoolies Festival 2015 is about having a good time. For starters – crowd surfing and stage diving are unsafe and people can get hurt. Antisocial schoolies will be removed from venues and can have their wristbands taken off them. We take this seriously! We reserve the right to refuse entry and eject anyone. See terms and conditions for more info.